Zodiac Signs Who Are Mortal Enemie

Everyone getting along is nice in theory, but it doesn't happen in practice. People love, hate, abhor, and have fatal foes.  

These feelings for each other can be blamed on acts or words, but our zodiac signs, or star signs, shape much of our characters.  

Gemini & Gemini

Gemini is the type of sign who hates themselves. Geminis are two personalities in one sign, straddling sanity and craziness.  

Scorpio & Aquarius

Scorpio actually has no Zodiac buddies since that's how Scorpio rolls.  

Libra & Aries

Libra may not be as free-spirited as Aquarius, but they tend to be worry-free. Everything is beautiful and balanced in their world.

Leo & TauruS

Because opposites attract, Leo and Taurus make a terrific couple, but friendship is difficult.

Cancer & Pisces

Cancer and Pisces are sensitive. Each is hypersensitive, therefore it makes obvious that they'd be friends, right? Wrong.  

Aries & Aries

Not only Gemini is a Zodiac misfit! Two Aries kill more than two Gemini. Why? Because holy heck, two rams who won't back down or accept fault are a mess.  

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