Weekly Horoscope For All 12 Zodiac Signs From July 8 - 14


On Monday, the Moon in Leo stimulates your craving for social engagement. The 9th Virgo Moon settles you into a nice habit with long-term advantages if you work smarter and don't overdo it.   


The Moon in Leo can soothe you when you need to relax or contemplate. Enjoy meaningful time with family during this time.   


The Moon in Leo starts the week with an enthusiastic outlook until the Moon in Virgo grounds you and helps you create new intentions to achieve your goals.   


The Leo Moon stimulates productivity and leveling. Focusing becomes simpler as the Moon enters Virgo.   


The early-week Leo Moon brings love, excitement, and adventure. As we prepare for the Sun to enter your sign, you're more social.   


The Leo Moon transit emphasizes rest, aligning you with your ambitions. Reflecting and looking back helps you find your fighting qualities.   


A week with the Moon in Leo will be thrilling since you can enjoy your six-month work achievements.  


The Leo Moon delivers drama and chances to your highest chart. Diplomacy can prevent unpleasant situations until the Moon in Virgo on the 9th calms things down.   


The Moon conjunct Mercury and Venus in Leo early in the week makes you feel more in control and hopeful about your future. Moon in Virgo helps you plan to achieve your goals.   


Starting this week with the Moon in Leo, it can be overpowering, but you see it as a challenge to grow.   


Mercury, Venus, and the Moon in Leo intensify relationship energy, revealing your true match. You discover yourself by meditating on prior events under the Virgo Moon.   


Early week Moon in Leo makes task organization easier. Expect growth and productivity.   

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