This Zodiac Sign Is Happiest.

Although everyone has distinct aims and desires, finding true and prolonged happiness is one of life's most significant and widely shared undertakings.    

Some people seem to have mastered happiness and contentment, even though no one is perfect.   

Astrology may be one of the reasons some people are happier and more content than others.   

No zodiac sign is bound to remain happy or miserable 24/7. However, certain cosmic energy can boost a person's mood.    

The enthusiasm, resilience, and outgoing nature of fire signs may add to their happiness.    

Jupiter brings faith and pleasant vibes as it moves through the zodiac. A well-placed Jupiter in your birth chart may help you find joy.   

A birthdate won't decide your happiness, but free-spirited Sagittarius is blessed with the fire element's passion and Jupiter's optimism.   

If you were born between Nov. 22 and Dec. 21 or have significant points or planets in this variable fire sign, joy may be simpler to find.   

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