The Universe Has An Important Message For 4 Zodiac Signs On July 9, During Mercury Sextile Jupiter

On July 9, 2024, Mercury sextiles Jupiter, advancing four zodiac signs ready to accept cosmic communications.  

As Mercury, the planet of communication, aligns with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and progress, people might expect prosperous personal and professional improvements.   

Without pressure, sextiles let abilities flow. We can go with the flow with sextiles if we work on specific aspects of our lives.  


Geminis should expect contract and negotiating adjustments when Mercury sextiles Jupiter on July 9, 2024. This may imply getting a new job or an offer you've been wanting.  


Sagittarius Mercury sextile Jupiter can bless love and passion. This could be getting closer to a friend, experiencing a breakthrough in a relationship, or reuniting with an old friend.  


As Mercury sextiles Jupiter, Libras' careers will improve. They should use this energy to ask for improved working conditions, such as a promotion or networking.  


A Mercury sextile for Leos Jupiter involves friendships and coworkers. Use this chance to cast a wide net and see what you catch.  

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