The Universe Has A Specific Message For 4 Zodiac Signs On July 8, During Moon Square Mar

Moon transits start and terminate swiftly, but some are stronger. A transit on July 8, 2024, has special relevance for four zodiac signs.  

Positive or negative Moon transits can cause upset or fury.   

lunar Square Mars, a tough lunar transit, can ignite deep within desires to a boil.   

Mars regulates action, violence, and men, whereas the Moon rules women and emotions. When Moon squares Mars, we get angry or agitated. The Moon governs intuition, therefore if emotions are calm, it can boost it.  


Moon squares Mars goes from your second house of money to your eleventh of friends, hopes, and wishes.  


Moon/Mars aspect in seventh house of partners to 10th house of career. Scorpio, are you neglecting your loved ones to advance your career?  


Coworkers and work will dominate the Moon/Mars aspect in your third to sixth houses.   


The Moon/Mars aspect in your ninth to 12th house is about travel and your worldview.   

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