The Universe Has A Special Message For 4 Zodiac Signs On July 11, 2024

Wake up on Thursday, July 11, when the cosmos is at stake. Hi there? Are you awake? Ready for today's astrology?   

Since it's for you and you're one of four zodiac signs, this message of the day is personal and you'll recognise it immediately.  

We have a lot going on astrologically, and Venus-related transits stand out each day. Moon and Venus are aligned in Leo (of all signs!), and Venus trine Neptune emphasises this.  

What's the 'purpose' and how does it relate to me and a personal message? Let's talk love.  


Love and love of love are on your thoughts Thursday. Someone in your life consumes your thoughts.   


July 11 may make you more open to universal messages. One message will tell you that while you love friends, family, and people, you may want too much in return, thinking it is natural to seek such things.  


On July 11, 2024, the Libra Moon makes it easy to hear the universe's special message. Already open and relaxed.  


To read Aquarius' specific message from the universe, don't write it. OK, so when you're feeling depressed, you write yourself a cheerful, fictional story to feel better.  

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