The Scorpio Moon's Impact on Zodiac Love Horoscopes July 6, 2024  

The Cancer Moon and Uranus in Taurus might help you reconnect with your intuition and know what to do to get yourself and your spouse out of romantic ruts.   

Take a surprise day trip, embrace unexpected experiences, or simply show up ready to love and let the rest work out.  

Aries, relax and spend time with that particular someone today instead than worrying about work or details. Enjoy a day together and remember that love makes this new chapter worth while, not logic or labor.  


Taurus, remember that couples typically want the same things. You may pride yourself on being the constant in your relationship, but you can attempt new things.   


Gemini, you usually love the unexpected, but with everything on your plate, you've been working more than playing. Because of this, you've been rejecting your partner's or new love's suggestion to go on a day trip.  


Cancer, surprise yourself today by initiating. You can play a more traditional role in your relationship and dating, but it doesn't necessarily satisfy your heart.  

4. Cancer  

Try something new today, Leo, and bring your spouse. You've been thinking about shaking up your routine to make room for spirituality and connection, but you can only achieve it by doing it.   

5. Leo  

Virgo, be with your loved ones. It's a terrific opportunity to host an outside party and enjoy the unexpected gathering with your spouse, friends, or family. It's up to you to spice up your relationship and make it more fun.   

6. Virgo  

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