The full moon ritual that best suits your star sign

You're not alone if you've ever had sleep disturbances or feelings of agitation during full moons.  

Moon water is water that has had enough time to sit in the full moon's light and absorb some of its energy.  

Friends can get together and make the most of the full moon by participating in full moon circles.  

"You can do a full moon meditation before any of your rituals to set up the right mindset and align yourself with what you want to accomplish,"  

Choose a comfortable spot to sit where you can see the moon.  

Return your focus to the room gradually and open your eyes.  

The full moon starts to fade back to the new moon after it reaches its zenith.  

Imagine the moon lowering as you exhale, releasing anything you wish to let go of.  

Start the ritual with a body-centered activity, such as breathing exercises, stretching, or even a full moon bath.  

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