Powerful Messages For Each Zodiac Sign When Pallas Goes Direct In Scorpio On July 9


Aries, as Pallas travels direct in Scorpio, you will experience an unexpected surge in your emotions. Messages and symbols will emerge from the depths of your subconscious.  


Those who dare will always prevail over those who do not. That is your message, Taurus, when Pallas goes direct.   


Gemini, when Pallas goes direct, you will not feel the change as sharply as other signs. It will be business as usual for you, though some of you may have a nagging feeling that something is on its way to your door.   


Cancer, when Pallas travels direct, you will feel relieved, even if you don't know why. You will feel as if a metaphorical burden has been taken off your back, particularly an emotional one.   


Pallas goes direct in Scorpio, Leo, and you'll have a mixed encounter. Most of you will feel as if you are surrounded by people who lack innovation or even the will to move beyond groupthink.   


Virgo, here's the deal. Pallas retrograde had a transforming effect on you, even if you were unaware of it.   


Libras, though not stubborn, are cardinal signs and cannot be swayed once they decide where to go. Once you know North, you always point North like a compass.  


Scorpios will feel a thrill in their bones as Pallas goes direct, even if they are unaware. You will feel lighter and ready to face the world. Lean in and nothing will stop you!  


Pallas traveling direct in Scorpio won't affect Sagittarius except to remind you of her September 2024 return to your zodiac sign.  


Capricorn, Pallas going direct will bring enlightened energy into your life since you will feel that you have a wise old man/woman inside you.   


Aquarius, buckle up because Pallas straight in Scorpio will reveal your deepest vulnerabilities. You may feel disoriented. Meditation and deep breathing may fail.   


Pisces, the world doesn't know your full potential. Yet you do. When Pallas goes direct, you should be confident and trust your instincts. You needn't prove anything.  

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