NFL world reacts to Jordan Love new

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love was lauded after his first year as starter. Love led the Packers to a playoff rout of the Cowboys.   

Despite losing to the 49ers in the Divisional Round, they're not ashamed.  

Love might have a big second season in 2024. Josh Jacobs replaced Aaron Jones, and the Packers preserved their core.   

After several successful seasons in Las Vegas, Jacobs will join a promising Packers squad.  

In an NFL Network interview, Jacobs called his new quarterback a “superstar” candidate.  

Jacobs felt optimistic about Love's promise.  

“I think he’s going to be the next superstar in this league, for sure, as he keeps playing and gets experience and becomes more confident in his abilities and what he can do,” Jacobs said.  

NFL superstardom takes everything to go perfect. Wait and see if the dice fall his way.  

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