NBA Free Agent Patrick Beverley Makes Big Announcement

Patrick Beverley, drafted 42nd overall in 2009, ranks 13th in career minutes played.  

Beverley launched his Pat Bev Podcast with Barstool after a successful career on the court.  

The unvarnished NBA veteran's podcast has been a hit, covering everything from his performance to league changes.  

Beverley is an NBA free agent who may sign anywhere, but he stated on Sunday that the podcast is renewing its Barstool contract  

Beverley, who turns 36 this month, should receive free agency offers if he stays in the NBA.   

Beverley has played for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia 76ers, and Milwaukee Bucks in the last three seasons since being moved by the LA Clippers.  

In 2022-23, Beverley enjoyed a brief visit to his hometown team from Chicago.  

The Timberwolves signed Beverley to a one-year, $13M contract in 2022, but his two subsequent deals have been at the veteran minimum. That is presumably what Beverley would receive in free agency, but it does not represent his impact.  

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