Mars in Taurus with Each Zodiac Sign's Love Life July 8–14  


Aries, this week's love energy is about accepting your worth and not letting others convince you otherwise.  


Love energy for Taurus this week is about your social life and friends. Like attracts like in platonic and other partnerships.   


Gemini, your love energy this week is about learning and expanding your worldview. Don't think about love. Love will find you if you grow inside.   


Cancer, expect fireworks and heart-captivation! Your love this week promises the meeting of spirits intended to be.  


Leo, your enthusiasm will be so dazzling this week that no one can look away. Love will provide that.  


This week, Virgo, love energy drives you to illuminate your soul. Let yourself heal and be your best friend.  


Love can make or break Libra, but real love always heals. Your weekly love message.  


Scorpio, you are loved and appreciated even if you cannot see it daily. Don't hurt your heart by settling for a relationship that won't fulfill you or lower your self-esteem.   


Sagittarius, love and war are fair. Love for you's topic this week isn't a cliché. It warns about people who ignore themselves and polite society to win someone's heart.   


The loving energy for Capricorn is strong this week. You should disclose your heart and inner self.   


Aquarius, regular love is unsuitable. You want love that warms your heart like a thousand suns and inspires you to live your dreams. Your love message this week.   


Pisces, your love energy this week is about self-care and "time out" from love. You mix with your lover (or date) until it's hard to tell you apart.   

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