Kevin Durant Big Announcement from Team USA  

The United States men's national basketball team has been dealt a devastating blow less than three weeks before the Paris 2024 Olympics begin.   

On Sunday afternoon, Shams Charania said that "Kevin Durant - USA men's leading point scorer in Olympic history  

has a minor calf strain and is sidelined to start Team USA training camp in Las Vegas out of precaution".   

While Durant is now sidelined for precautionary reasons, calf injuries are known to linger.  

And, given Durant's history of lower-body injuries, this does not bode well for Team USA as they prepare for their Olympic run. Fans are reacting differently to this news.  

"Hopefully just being extra careful here," one admirer said.   

"It's okay, Team USA is still winning by 50 every game," commented another.   

A third fan began asking a question that will most likely be repeated in the coming days if Durant's injury persists.   

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