Ja Morant is suspended by the Grizzlies following another social media gun video. 

Ja Morant suspended by Memphis Grizzlies after appearing to hold a gun in a social media video. 

Second incident within three months, with the first resulting in an eight-game NBA suspension and $669,000 salary loss for Morant. 

Unclear sanctions for the latest video, which was widely shared online. 

Morant seen in the front seat of a vehicle with another person, briefly displaying a handgun. 

The NBA reacted to Morant's punishment. “Hopefully Ja gets the message this is aiming to send,” Philly Sports Network's Sean Barnard wrote.

NBA spokesperson, Mike Bass, acknowledges the social media post and states they are gathering more information. 

The Grizzlies are aware of the situation and have taken action by suspending Morant. 

Further updates and consequences for Morant are expected as more information is gathered. 

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