How Venus Entering Leo Affects Each Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope On July 11, 2024


Taurus, you may need more courage to heal previous wounds. While enjoying the present and connecting with others is important, how you perceive these occurrences is down to your healing.  


Taurus, healing certain past hurts may require greater courage. Although the current moment and connection matter, how you perceive these occurrences will determine your healing.  


Gemini, your romantic relationship will revolve around communication today. You are one of the zodiac signs that rules Mercury, the planet of communication, so talking isn't uncomfortable, but revealing feelings is.   


Cancer, self-worth has come up recently for you but will continue to be a motif. Self-worth includes knowing what you deserve and being able to set limits and fight for your needs and treatment.   


Leo, love is beautiful now if you don't allow your ego take over. You should feel amazing, confident, and full of self-love to make the choices that honour your heart.   


Virgo, your intuition is awakening and will strengthen your romance. You'll reconnect with yourself and your romantic dreams during this period.   


Libra, your relationship emphasises support. It appears you're not telling your partner about it. You want someone to be your rock in a deep relationship.   


Scorpio, you know you're unique, but you appear to be waiting for someone special to realise it. You can't wait for someone to value or choose you, so feel good about yourself.   


Sagittarius, be careful with your current choices. While changing your relationship or travelling with your spouse, you may grow itchy.    


Capricorn, intimacy can take many forms, but you must decide what you require. The deeper and more expressive romantic relationship you want won't happen by itself.   


Aquarius, your life will revolve around love, yet it may require tough choices. You're polite and avoid controversy when things go tough  


Pisces, you may focus on yourself as your romantic life is improving. You may be focusing on work and balance, but digesting recent occurrences may bring you joy.   

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