Each Zodiac Sign's One-Card Tarot Horoscope July 9, 2024  


Aries, adaptability is your strength. You may not appreciate every situation, but your joy and perseverance help you get through the darkness and back to dawn.   


Taurus, you may want to keep going, but to do so well and for your health, you may need to rest. This card reminds us that relaxation is productive. You can't be your best without it.   


Gemini, flourish. Building and growing something worthwhile takes time. Don't give up if you've been watering but aren't seeing results.  


The Cancer card encourages you to use your nurturing skills. This is a good moment to look for community support or direction.   


Leo, you may be juggling. Busyness is keeping you on edge. Use your intuition to make quick decisions during this period.  


When something ends, another typically begins. This is a good time to lament whatever ending and prepare for what's next. Virgo, always see what's ahead as greater than what's behind.   


Libra, you may have the will, but you may require accountability to succeed. Your strong desire to change fights your old patterns.   


Scorpio, patience pays off. To mature, crops need time, sunlight, and rain. This is a fantastic moment to appreciate your storms, which may not be good in themselves but bring you strength and goodness.  


Sagittarius, you may need to evaluate. This is a good moment to assess your time and whether it supports your goals.   


Capricorn, you just need to realize your potential. This card represents your inner strength, confidence, and leadership, which you must tap into to completely materialize.  


Aquarius, good news and rejuvenation arrive at the right time. This card suggests a forthcoming invitation or good news.  


Pisces, you can live ethically while others don't. This card recognizes your successes and promotes integrity. Maintain your optimism and elegance.  

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