Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day of the Week July 8–14, 2024


Aries, embrace the struggle and be your best. Be prepared to challenge anything, especially self-limiting beliefs that have trapped you in dead ends for years.   


Taurus, put your intuitive thoughts and great goals to action. You feel led in your career lately. This hasn't felt comfortable, especially after you worked hard to get what you desired.   


Venus returns to Leo on Thursday, July 11, turning your attention to finances. Let money speak and focus on ways to grow your finances and riches.   


Cancer, follow your intuition. Even if your career has improved and you feel more confident in your achievement, you still have work to do.   


Leo, this week's energy is tentative as you try to slow down and plan your next steps. On Saturday, July 13, the First Quarter Moon in Libra will prompt you to prepare for your desired new beginning.   


Virgo, this week's energy is on specifics, so you'll thrive. Check your finances on Saturday, July 13, when the First Quarter Moon in Libra rises.  


Libra, you may struggle to make crucial judgments while you're not thinking properly, but that changes in July 8.  


Scorpio, Venus returns to Leo on Thursday, July 11, and everything is good. Despite your career or professional doubts, you must learn to think positively.  


Sagittarius, you often need to realize that not all that glitters is gold, but July 8 looks to offer new possibilities.  


Capricorn, don't haste now. On Saturday, July 13, the First Quarter Moon in Libra encourages you to focus on success steps, especially slow and careful.   


Aquarius, you love change, especially in your work. You've felt professional changes coming, but you're unsure what they will be or when.   


Pisces, you must focus on both your dreams and how to achieve them. Your ambitions and aspirations for the future are often so big that you can't see how to get there.