8 Signs You're In A Rare, Long-Lasting Relationship  

Their friends are your friends

Spending time with each other's friends is part of dating. And impressing those buddies is crucial to maintaining the relationship.  

You make each other laugh

Sometimes it's hard to make each other laugh in a relationship. Dry humor and goofiness may not be funny to everyone.  

Your arguments are constructive

Couples often dispute over minor issues, which can escalate into a fight. Productive arguments indicate an uncommon, long-lasting relationship.  

You can have fun together doing absolutely nothing

Sitting around the house with your sweetheart without doing anything but enjoying each other's company is special. Nothing much needs to be done.  

They make you want to be a better person

In toxic relationships, partners bring out their worst. But a rare, lasting relationship? Quite the reverse.  

You're grateful for one another — and you make it known

After a long time together, couples may forget how much they love each other. They say it but don't do it.  

You're intimate with each other

You love kissing, hugging, and caressing each other. Even though you've been together for years, you still feel like you're on honeymoon  

You discuss the future

Finally, knowing you and your spouse have a future together is a sign of a rare, long-lasting connection.  

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