6 Zodiac Signs Who Secretly Hate Everybody

Someone who openly hates humanity is misanthropic.

They're your grumpy neighbor who complains when you play music after 10 PM, the people who move away from you and your child on the plane before takeoff because they think your kid will be a problem, and the DMV clerk who makes you wait in line for a simple question.

These wretched people are common in life. Especially the spiteful zodiac signs. Even positive zodiac signs can't change their bad mindset. Astrology may explain why people respond this way.


Scorpios are distrustful and wait for others to fail them. Scorpio's book holds everyone guilty until proven otherwise. You must demonstrate your trustworthiness and convince them to relax.


When people doubt their competence and push back, Capricorns inwardly loathe them. Capricorns know what they're doing and shouldn't be micromanaged.


Virgos secretly dislike insensitive people who don't act their way. They can be picky if they're not serious when they should be or when Virgo wants to have fun and everyone is too lethargic to get up. 


Aquariuses accept people as they are and prefer honesty. Aquarians hate fakes. Aquarians will suspect you're hiding something if you can't be yourself. Aquariuses also dislike change.


Taurus secretly despises arrogant people. Confidence, swagger, and self-love are excellent in moderation.


Cancers secretly detest everyone when forgotten. Cancer becomes furious if their feelings are ignored and they realize people don't care about what they're going through

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