5 Zodiac Signs With The Best Weekly Horoscopes On July 8 - 14, 2024

Sweet passions and quick brains will mix this week, July 8–14, 2024. Are you ready for the universe to elevate your life? Those who believe will be.   

This influence produces the greatest weekly horoscopes for five zodiac signs. Cancer, Scorpio, Leo, Aries, Pisces. Others are advised not to shrink either!  

The week begins with a significant astrological transit on July 9. On this day, Pallas Retrograde ends and goes Direct in Scorpio.  

This shift will inspire the collective to live better together and alone as the heavenly body that rules inner fire and wisdom.  


Cancer, this week is about self-care and transformation. First-half week challenges and transitions await.  


Scorpio, expect major changes this week! When pressured, those in competitive fields or preparing for exams will uncover their actual power.  


Leo, your week-long enthusiasm is amazing! We recommend being a team player in the first half and not changing power dynamics.  


Aries, don't let anxiety take over this week. Stay calm and grounded. When your mind is peaceful and you feel in control, you can lock in your blessings through meditation, focused breathing, or mindful tea drinking.   


The vibe this week is strong for Pisces. Take advantage of your innate talents and expression. You will wow everyone with your abilities. Even you!  

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