4 Zodiac Wingwomen Do Well

Walking up to someone and introducing yourself is not always an easy thing to do when you are interested in pursuing a romantic connection with them.

It is much simpler to flirt when you have a wing-woman, or a friend who is prepared to assist you in situations where you feel that flirting is too much of a hassle to handle on your own.

It goes without saying that certain zodiac signs are more equipped to deal with this task than others.

The following zodiac signs are some of the most ideal candidates for the role of wing-women:


No matter how uneasy you feel, your Leo buddies will make you feel confident. They will instill confidence in you by reassuring you that you are clever and entertaining and deserving of all the love in the world. 


Geminis can have a conversation with anyone about anything. They will not feel uncomfortable approaching a stranger and starting a conversation because they are social butterflies. 


One of the kindest signs you will ever encounter is Pisces, and they are completely enamored with the concept of love. They're known to attempt their hand at matchmaking because they want all of their pals to be happy.


Aries people are direct and to the point. They love to play wing-woman, so it doesn't matter if they're single and looking for love too or if they're married and have kids.

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