3 Zodiacs Enter Princess Era July 6

You are about to embark on your princess era on January 30 if you belong to one of these three zodiac signs.

So get your tiara adjusted and give your devoted subjects a gentle wave.

Will you act a little pretentious? When things don't go your way, do you demand better treatment? 

As everyone admires your excellent style, why not dress cute and feel amazing about yourself?

Indeed, and there's no issues with it. Welcome to the period of your princess!


Your royal nature makes you shut down when you or someone you care about is mistreated. When a rough guy touches your best buddy in the pub, you're pleased to have the bouncer rough them up because you demand the best. 


Like a princess, you command the room's attention. During your princess era, you easily attract attention. Expect compliments, but only some will come your way due to your intimidation.


Princess energy is about attentiveness, loyalty, and sensitivity. You'll be more sensitive to your feelings and the world throughout your princess phase.

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