3 Zodiac Signs Always Make Best Bar Bathroom Friends

The pals you make in the bathroom on a night out are unique. The space between the stalls is a hallowed respite from the people and loud music, frequently turning into a tiny party.    

Bar bathrooms, with their rows of mirrors and sinks, are places to relax and socialize for specific zodiac signs.   

Some signs want to get in, do their thing, wash their hands, and leave, while others prefer to hang out in the bathroom and make friends, especially after a few margaritas.   

One “oh my god, I love your outfit” can start a friendship, and you'll be laughing, getting lip gloss tips, and trading Instagram handles.   

A Gemini will talk to you in the bathroom. Mercury, the planet of communication, rules this chatty air sign, which can't help but bond with everyone they see, especially in a small environment. 

1. Gemini

Libras are great bathroom companions, especially if you need a hair tie, cologne, or gum. They have everything you need and more in their huge apothecary bag and are always willing to share.   


Sagittarius, a quick-witted fire sign, can turn a restroom line into a standup show. They'll make jokes and have everyone laughing, making friends.   


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