2 Zodiac Signs Experiencing An Incredibly Lucky 'Emerald Year' In 2024

The term 'emerald year' in astrology was coined by renowned astrologer Susan Miller to describe the time Jupiter,   

the planet of luck and abundance, spends in a zodiac sign.   

Those living in an emerald year are likely to experience abundance in most aspects of their lives.   

Jupiter will be in Taurus (from January to May 25th, 2024) and Gemini (from May 25th to next year), blessing these two signs with an emerald year.   

Jupiter, the benefic planet, is typically associated with new beginnings,    

increased income opportunities, career advancement, and even romance. Those with transiting Jupiter in their sun and rising sign may be most affected.   


While you may face the same lessons as last year, you are prepared for the next phase. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, knowledge, and expansion, will continue transiting your sign until May 25, 2024.   

This is a reminder to be your biggest cheerleader and acknowledge your successes, even the smallest victories There is still plenty of opportunity to meet new people,  


Jupiter will enter your sign on May 25th, 2024, expanding collective communication and knowledge, but it will also help you evolve.   

Your enthusiasm for learning may feel energizing during the transit, and it may benefit your career because others will notice your work. Going back to school, learning a new skill, or even pursuing an art form may be something you begin at this time.   

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