2 Zodiac Signs Experience Hopeful Abundance On July 8, 2024

The Moon is in Leo and the Sun in Cancer on July 8, 2024. 

The Sun's backing from Saturn in Pisces has allowed the collective to initiate and make changes during Cancer season, 

but two zodiac signs are most likely to experience abundance today due to water energy. 

Venus in Cancer gives water signs knowledge, patience, and courage, while Jupiter in Gemini makes Pisces and Scorpio more positive about their job and helps them find their skills. 

Today's Rising, Sun, and Moon signs will be affected by these transits.


Cancer season encourages water signs to try new things. It can also spice up your romance. You feel hopeful and buoyant since the Sun and Venus are in this sign.   


Sun and Venus in Cancer boost your mood throughout the day. The Moon in Leo at your highest point brings clarity and insight.  

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