2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On July 9 Under The Virgo Moon

Today, July 9, 2024, the Moon in Leo will square Uranus in Taurus, but the highlight of the show will be the Moon's transit to Virgo at midday.  

The Virgo Moon encourages us to be more practical about our aims and desires,   

as the Moon in earth signs helps to ground us and direct us toward reality.   

If you've been wearing rose-colored glasses lately, this Virgo Moon transit will certainly wake you up.  

It is a transit where we can look ahead as long as we have a clear path and specific aims.   


With Venus and Sun in Cancer, you'll enjoy some success and fortune for several weeks. Venus boosts your finances and the Sun inspires you to learn, as long as you don't overindulge.   


The Virgo Moon fuels your curiosity and harmoniously aspects your sign, so you can accomplish a lot today if you set realistic short-term goals and don't aim for the impossible.   

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