2 Zodiac Signs Don't Value Marriage

Marriage rates have been decreasing for decades, and even couples willing to become engaged are waiting longer.   

Marriage is a big decision, so it's excellent that people aren't taking it lightly. There are many reasons to oppose marriage.    

Astrology may reveal personality types and what motivates people, so it seems logical to question if some zodiac signs are less likely to marry.   

A birthday won't tell you if someone wants to get married, but astrologically, there are certain clues in a birth chart.    

For instance, revolutionary and eccentric Uranus can push you away from what's considered “normal” and inspire a diversion from..... 

....society's stereotypical expectations, so having this energy in a relationship-related part of your birth chart could inspire someone to take a risk.   

Sagittarians are zodiac free Spirits and true seekers. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth, higher knowledge, and foreign travel, rules them, so they love to travel the world and push their perspectives.   


An eccentric oddball like Aquarius values freedom like Sagittarius. Uranus rules these chilly, distant air signs, so they're true rebels who like to do things their own.    


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